In Construction – The Game

Welcome to the In Construction! Game

Let’s Play and Build for Tomorrow’s Future! 

What’s at Stake?

Global economic and political systems have caused climate change, devastated our natural resources, and developed unsustainable cities; its effects are irreversible.  Although the current changes brought prosperity to some, many are suffering under high unemployment, poor environmental and health quality, and a high cost of living.  It is now more important than ever for government, community groups, construction contractors, and labor to work together to develop an equitable and sustainable construction industry in order to solve the economic, environmental, and social problems of our time.

In Construction! = Collaboration + Competition

Unlike Monopoly and other games where players must dominate other players to win, players can only win the In Construction! game when they negotiate and work with others.  Players must achieve shared group goals as well as their own.  Through this process of what we call “collaborative competition,” players must try to understand the interests of other players and to figure out how to match them with their own interests in order to advance in the game.

Why Play?

Having fun with construction!

In Construction!! helps diverse stakeholders learn about the construction industry, and about innovative tools and concepts that create green construction careers.  Instead of reading a boring report by yourself, why not collaboratively learn and discover the industry through acquiring tools and materials, identifying common interests, negotiating resources, and building your own structure?  Our game introduces elements of discovery, creativity, strategy, and luck, and are very useful for helping different players learn through interaction and collaboration.  Our game also creates a comfortable and fun environment that people of different levels of experience and expertise will enjoy participating in, making it more likely that they will remember the experience and the interesting construction concepts they learned!

 Game Photos

 Game Materials 

1.  Game Instruction

2-1.  Game Board (Poster Size)

2-2.  Game Board (Divided into 12 Letter Size Pieces)

3.  Tool Cards

4.  Workshop Cards

5.  Character Pieces

6.  Spinner or Dice

7.  Building Materials

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