Make Your Market – Be a Healthy Hero!

You are a Healthy Hero trapped in a “food desert!” You’re on a mission to inspire healthy eating in your community but….Good luck trying to find some healthy and fresh food nearby! It’s all fast food and junk food for miles. The closest supermarkets and farmer’s markets are miles away and you’d have to take the bus. There’s only one spot where you can get half-way decent food: your local corner store. Your mission is to transform your local corner store into a healthy community market through your smart food purchases and creative “Market Makeover” tools. But keep in mind: the local Shopkeeper wants to sell fresh produce, but also relies on customer demand to stay in business. Healthy changes to the store must be balanced with keeping the Shopkeeper in business!

Why this game matters:

In many low-resource communities and communities of color, access to fresh, healthy, affordable food is lacking. Studies show that many low-income neighborhoods have fewer grocery stores, sit-down restaurants, Farmer’s Markets and other healthy food retail compared to more affluent areas. These same neighborhoods have an excess of liquor stores, fast food joints and corners stores.

This kind of food retail environment, often described as a “food desert,” has been correlated to disproportionally high levels of nutrition-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. There are about 30% more corner stores and convenience stores in low-income neighborhoods compared middle income neighborhoods. These stores typically stock high-caloric, low-nutrient snacks and processed food, and many locals, especially youth, shop at these stores for snacks and meals.

Across the country, many communities are actively working with store owners to transform corner stores into community markets that sell a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy food staples. “Make Your Market” is a game that explores strategies for changing an average corner store into a heroic healthy market. At the same time that the corner store is a place for expanding access to healthy food, the purchases and tools employed in the game also teach about community and environmental health impacts throughout the “food system.”

Learn How to Play Now! Directions and Rules

Game Pieces:

Want to learn more about market makeovers and food deserts? Click here for a few resources we found useful.

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